Earthing And Grounding Facts And Benefits

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Earthing And Grounding Facts And BenefitsI stumbled upon the subject of earthing in relation to health a while ago but never took the time to look at the earthing and grounding facts and benefits or to dig a little deeper. This week I got confronted with the subject again and decided that now was the time to find out more about the facts, fiction, and benefits about earthing.

Here is an explanation of what earthing or grounding is

The earth has a permanent and natural electric current and throughout the centuries mankind has walked and slept in close contact to the surface of the earth.

Our modern way of living has separated us from being in contact with the earth and thus with this natural electric current. You can read more in the book: Earthing, the most important health discovery ever.

TIP! Disconnecting from nature always has bad effects on our health system

Barefoot walking is something we maybe only do at the beach. Sleeping on the floor we certainly do not do anymore and if we do it is in an insulated sleeping bag.

Our shoes have most of the time rubber soles and as we know rubber is one of the best insulators. Our houses are built of the ground and insulated walls and floors are the norms nowadays.

Basically, we have slowly lost contact with the earth we live on and do not make use of the unlimited source of energy under our feet. This energy can be used to stabilize the electricity in our bodies.
There are just some earthing basics that we have to follow.

Isn’t it strange that we ground our whole house electric lines and make sure that all our electronics are protected that way and forget about ourselves?

Does earthing work

There are of course skeptical questions to be asked about anything we do and this one showed up many times.
There are several studies that show that it is working, but there is an easy way to find out for yourself.
Go outside and walk barefoot on the grass, concrete or dirt and note how you feel after doing this for about half an hour. Try to find out if your stress, pain or anything else is improving.

The second thing you can do is a search on the internet for earthing videos and scientific proof. There are tons of websites and videos you can watch. You can also go to one of the resources at the bottom of this article to read more there.

No earthing while you are on medication

Although research shows that earthing restores the natural state of the electric functions in our body and also affects many physiological processes like inflammation it is, of course, recommended to tell your physician about your plan of trying earthing. Just be prepared to hear that he or she will tell you there are no benefits. That is how the physicians are educated about non-chemical medication and alternatives to modern medicine.

Best way to get started with earthing

This is a question we found so much that we did a lot of searching for a good answer to this question.
It seems that earthing during the day is not too easy. Maybe at lunch, you can sit with your bare feet touching the ground outside to do earthing. Earthing with an earthing mat under your keyboard in the office might also work.
You can try to find the best earthing products for your life and living circumstances.

TIP! My recommendation: Wear leather soles under your shoes. The leather is not a great conductor but when it gets moist it will do a lot better than any rubber or plastic sole.

This leaves the best option for earthing to be used at home. The most recommended form is to use an earthing mat under your desk on the floor or on your desk under your keyboard. Here are some things to take in consideration when you do that.

  • The bigger the ground surface the better.
  • Direct skin contact is essential
  • Any grounding is better than no grounding

bare feet earthing

The Take-Away

Maybe you think that grounding or earthing is not for you, but it works. Seek proof if you are still having doubts.
Try to find people who use earthing and read about their experience.
And even if you think it is all in their mind, well if that works it is great. Our mind and the way we think and talk can heal a lot of complaints we have.

My Conclusion

Grounding or earthing is something that we did for centuries and basically since the beginning of times.
We just have lost that natural way of healing like we lost many other ones.

Earthing is also linked to detoxing, faster healing, better sleep, and many other benefits.
We are getting surrounded by more and more cell phone towers and live in a wireless world with our cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets. This is all the electricity that surrounds us more and more. Earthing is a great way to get back in an electric balance with the world around you.

This way of getting back to our natural roots is very easy to implement in our daily life and can be as cheap as free or you can invest in it as much as you think it will benefit you. I have written earthing mat reviews to help you find a cheap way to start earthing.

Some people have earthed their whole house and will never go back to living unearthed. Other people are just using an earthing mat on their desk or an earthing sheet in bed to get recharged while working or sleeping.

At this moment I am in the position that I work from home and can take a break out on my patio and sit there for a while barefooted. I never did this before and was wearing shoes or flip flops, but will start doing that.

I am researching an earthing mat for our bed and you can Click here to find some and see how that might work. I can be a very restless sleeper and my mind sometimes goes 150 miles an hour.

My results will be shared with you of course. If you have any experience with earthing feel free to share it in the comment section.

Update: I have made my own DIY earthing mat to test what it would do for me without spending a lot of money. Although this mat is not very nice to look at it did what it had to do. It Connects me to the ground prong of the outlet under my desk where I spend most of my day. I tried to make notes of what I thought happened to me and I found that I was:

  • More focused
  • Les distracted
  • Being able to do more work
  • Easier to clear my mind end of the day

Like I mentioned I am sometimes very active and this can keep me awake at night. I sleep better now and as a result, I feel more rested in the morning.
My wife even told me that I am more relaxed after working all day.

My next step will probably be an earthing sheet on our bed. I had a look at the Tylson earthing products and they look very promising, but I can not find them any longer. I will try to find a better match for this.

The other day I wrote an article about the dangers of wireless technology and found that earthing can reduce the imbalance in our body caused by the EMF’s that surround us all day.


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