Earthing And Grounding Basics

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basics of earthing and groundingI have been reading and watching videos about earthing lately and am impressed with all the thing I read.
I am still in the process of reviewing the whole earthing benefits but I have found a few fact all ready and experienced myself.

Lately as soon as we go outside on the patio for a break or coffee in the morning we try to take our shoes of and earth while sitting down. While doing my wife and I compare what we feel and more important how we feel.

We have both noticed a tingling feeling in our feet that slowly moves up in to our legs.

I have found a video about the person who invented the earthing by accident. His name is Clinton Ober.
Here is the video and I recommend watching it because it will explain a lot.

The book that tell you all about earthing is available on amazon and here is a link.

The most advised, cheap and used product that people buy is an earthing mat you can put under your feet or under your keyboard of the computer.
I have done earthing and grounding mat reviews where I reviewed the 4 best rated earthing mats.

I will probably buy the earthing mat and a voltmeter to do some testing as soon as I can find the time for it.

What is earthing and grounding

The earth does not only provides us with a surface to walk on, sit on and grow food on. It is also a source of energy for our body.
The theory behind the earthing and grounding is that since the beginning we stayed in contact with the earth through walking on it and working with it.

The earth is charged with electricity through the sun and lightning strikes and we are part of the earth and need that contact with it to stay electrically balanced. By not having this contact we can have an electron deficiency and this can cause many problems or make small problems worse.

Throughout the last decades, our lives have changed drastically.
We work more in offices and have less outside jobs. We do not spend so much time outside anymore and most of all our shoes have changed.

You might wonder what shoes have to do with earthing and health and to be honest I was at first also confused about this.

Our shoes always had leather soles and although leather actually isolates our feet from the earth at first it will because of the moisture in our feet and the moisture from the earth on the outside create a contact between the earth and our feet.
In this way, we stayed at-least partial grounded to the earth.

Since the introduction of plastic to our world, our shoes have also changed. Most shoes have plastic or rubber soles and as you know plastic and rubber are perfect insulators and used everywhere for that purpose.

This all makes us make less and less contact with the earth and build up electrons in our bodies that can have a negative effect on our health.

Here is a video from Laura Koniver, MD that explains it better than I can.

As you van hear there are many health benefits when you use earthing and there is no price tag attached to it.
The next question I had was if there was any proof and I tried to find answers to that question on the internet.

This is one study about earthing I found

60 people (22 males and 28 females who all had suffered from sleep problems and chronic muscle and joint pain for over 6 months were chosen for this study.
They all were told that they were going to sleep on an earthing mat there was only one difference they did not know.
Half of them were connected to the earth and the other half not.

The outcome of the earthing study

Most people who slept grounded on an earthing sheet showed improvement while most in the not grounded group did not.
Improvements were significant for some people and they mentioned they had an improvement in respiratory, arthritis, PMS, sleep apnea and hypertension.
You can read the whole study here:

Earthing and the Tour de France

Performances in the world of professional bicycle racing are very important and the medical staff will do all they can to improve the healing process of the cyclist.

Here is a video on how the medical staff in the Tour de France, the worlds largest bicycle competition, is taking advantage of the earthing benefits for their riders.

This is already enough proof for me to start doing my own earthing by going outside on the patio and sit with my feet on the concrete.
Maybe not the best way to do it, but as Dr. Laura Koniver mentioned, you can do it anyway to have results.

Earthing fact or fiction?
If earthing does not help it does not mean that it does not work.
If after a period of time earthing does not improve your complaints there is probably more going on.
There might be something that needs more medical attention or surgery.


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