Why Drinking Water Is Good for You

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why you should drink more water
It is a common known fact that our body contains a lot of water and we all know that we have to drink it to stay alive.
Some people think that drinking coffee, tea or a soda will add enough water to our system. Although it is true that it does this the added sugars and creamers do reduce the benefits is drinking clean water.

We are about 60% water and that is why it is important to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water every day. Besides keeping us hydrated it also have a huge impact on our internal organs and our health in general.
It is important to drink clean water and not just tap water. You can read more in our water purifying tips and systems here.
Drinking water has an effect on:

    • Physical performance

Not drinking enough means we do not stay hydrated. Losing 2% of your water can have an effect that you can feel.
Sweating during exercising can lower your body temperature and have a physical and mental effect.

    • Brain Functioining

A small dehydration of 2% of your body weight can have a large impact on the functioning of your brain.
It can effect your mood, concentration, and cause headaches.

    • Constipation

For a good bowl movement you need water. This means that it can cause constipation if you do not drink enough water.

    • Kidney function and kidney stones

When you drink enough you have to urinate more and this will flush out your kidneys better.
There are studies that show that drinking water in the right quantities can reduce the built up of kidney stones.

    • Weight loss and metabolism

Water is a huge factor if you like to loos weight. The water intake will increase your metabolism and this will increase the fat burning capacity of your system.

In an article on the Mayo Clinic website Dr Vriend Somers who is a cardiologist gave some tips how to drink water on the right time can help your internal organs function better and can increase your health.
Here are his tips:

    • 2 glasses water right after waking up

This will help your internal organs to start up and this is healthier than a cup of coffee right away.

    • 1 glass of water 30 minutes before meals

The water that you add here will help you digestive system work better.

    • 1 glass of water before taking a bath

This will lower your blood pressure and help you relax better

    • 1 glass of water before going to bed

The benefits is this is that it lowers the change on a stroke or heart attack. A nice extra benefit is that is can also lower leg cramps that a lot of people experience during the night.

Drinking water in sufficient amount can be considered on of the easiest things to do to sleep better.
Just try to use clean water and use a water filter. I personally use the Brita pitcher water filter and the water taste a lot better.

Try to follow these tips and see how it effects your health in general and let us know in the comments how it worked for you or if you have other tips to drink more water and improve our health.


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