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I was just reading some more about the upcoming 5G towers all over the county and I wondered if we really need it.

To be honest the more I read the more confused I got. The only thing I understood is that it will make internet faster than it is already.

My internet speed

We live outside city limits and had a hard time getting internet. I guess our situation is called rural living, although I can see the city limits sign about 30 feet away from the property line.

Our internet speed is 6.5 Mb/ps. Compared to the 4G and 5G, as far as I understand, this is the difference between a Turtle and a Jaguar.

But do we need faster internet?

What we can do with our internet

When I hear other people mention that they have internet speed up to 100 Mb/ps I thought that was great, but then I started thinking about our “slow”internet and what we did with it.

  • Watch Netflix on TV
  • Work on this website
  • Get Facebook updates

What else do we need?

After thinking about it and realizing that we could do several things at the same time with out so-called turtle slow internet I realized that we do not need any faster internet.

Cons of our slow internet

There are a few cons of the slow internet, but it does not affect our lives too much. Not enough to want to find a faster provider. That is not there anyway.

Sometimes when I work on this website or do some research it takes a little longer for a website to load. On Netflix it sometimes takes a little longer to scroll through the menu to find a movie.

Health problems with wireless?

I am not educated and informed enough to make any claims about health issues, but lets be honest.

  • Micro waves are shielded
  • X-ray personal is shielded

In this article about the threats of wireless technology I have found YouTube movies of people cooking eggs with a number of cell phones on a row.

That alone makes it for me reasonable to assume that it is better to stay away from any form of radiation as much as I can.

What we do to keep radiation low

There are a few things we do and are planning on doing to keep the radiation in our house as low as we can.

  • Turn of WiFi at night
  • Keep my cell phone far away
  • Use a hard wired computer

With a hard wired computer I mean that it is hooked up with an Ethernet cable and not through wireless.

We are planning on buying a different Roku device that we also can hard wire instead of the WiFi we are using now.

I will probably dig a little deeper in the whole wireless and 5G subject to be better informed and make sure that the things I write are backed up by facts.

let me know how you feel about the update to 5G and what you are doing to stay away from all the radiation sources that surround us more and more


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