I read that it is good to have a disclaimer page on a blog like this. It seems that people getting sued for giving medical advice without being a doctor. So here we go:

On our website Ring The Bells Of Peace we do not give any medical advice since we are no doctor or have any medical education or background.

The advice we give is our personal opinion and based on our and other peoples experiences.

Most of the products we write about are not evaluated by the FDA. We urge you to do your own research about all the products we talk about on our website.
Ask your physician for advice and if it is right for you.
Thank you for reading this.

We are also a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and other programs we use links to Amazon on our website.
By doing this we get a small fee when you buy through our link.
It does not affect or increases the price you pay.
We only link to product we use our-self or believe are good.
We will never link to a product we do not believe in or we believe is not healthy.
Thank you for reading this and supporting us in keeping this site affordable for us.

Eddie Vanholland

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