Definition Of Superfoods

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Definition of SuperfoodsFirst of all I would like to explain why I chose this title for this article.
Lately I have become very interested in trying to improve my overall health by using more healthy foods. Not that I ate or am real unhealthy, but my habits could use some improvement. Can’t most of us use some?
I thought that if it was hard for me to find information about the subject of superfoods, it might help others with what I found out.
In my research on how to improve my eating habits with more healthy choices I ran into the term superfoods several time. I still remember the Popeye cartoons and immediately had to think about Spinach. Finding out later that spinach could be considered a superfood, because it is filled with antioxidant, vitamin-c and a variety of other healthy components. This made me realize that I had to find out what superfoods actually are. I found several definitions for it on a diversity of websites. They all basically say the same thing. This means also that there is no uniform definition.

In plain English super-food is any kind of food, vegetables, fruit, fish or meat that contains a low calorie count and a high nutritional value.

Now we get that out of the way and we know what super-foods are. We can continue the search for the definition of superfoods by digging a little deeper.



When starting reading about this subject I ran into all kinds of vegetables and fruits I had never heard of. These vegetables and fruits are supposed to have so many benefits that it looked to me that eating them daily would be all you needed.

Here is where we separate fiction from facts

Superfoods are also a marketing term. Meaning that companies are using the word superfood in their advertisement to attract more customers and improve their sales.
They can do this because of the fact that the FDA (food and drug administration) has not defined superfoods and I am glad they have stayed out if it. That is for a different article.
That makes it very hard to find our way in the world of healthy people. Where some health guru claims that one vegetable or fruit is healthy and another claims the total opposite.
What I found was that I was eating superfoods without knowing it.
Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, beans and beets for example, are considered a superfood that I eat on a regular basis.
Even potatoes, just not baked and loaded with sour cream, bacon and cheese, are healthy because of the high content of fibers.

Myths or marketing

Does this means that superfoods are just a myth and a marketing term.
No, I do not believe that. There are foods that are better for us and have more health benefits than others. We can use those to improve our overall health.

Superfood can be divided in 2 groups

  • Your daily food
  • Supplements

Daily food

What you eat daily can be improved with a superfood, by the definition we mentioned earlier. You can use healthier vegetables, with higher concentrations of anti-oxidants and vitamins compared to other vegetables and try to eat more fruit. We can even very easily use herbs to boost our health.


SupplementsSupplements made from a variety of ingredients with a high nutrient content, is what I consider the second group. They can be used to support our health and boost our immune system in combination with our daily food.
What I realized during my search it is that is not hard to start implementing superfoods in our daily life.
Home cooked meals are the easiest way to do that and that is why I realized that I already eat a lot of superfoods, because we eat most of the time at home and not out a lot.
Did that change the definition of superfood we found earlier? No, not really.
We all know already what superfoods are since our childhood but the fast food industry and busy lives have pushed away from it.
Superfoods have been around for centuries and the definition is and has always been the same. The foods just have changed.

Here is my definition of superfoods

“Eating the right amount of calories for your life style and getting these from the best and highest nutrition valued foods you can find without having to eat things you have never heard of”

This does not mean that exotic food and fruits cannot be healthier than our local apple, but it means in my opinion, that you have all the superfoods you need in the nature and local farms around you.

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