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Crowd Cow

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I have used the Crowd Cow online meat delivery service in the past and now I think it is time to share my experience with you.

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Spoiler Alert! I found that I am not the only one who loves their service.

My Crowd Cow experience

I have ordered meat from Crow Cow and have nothing to complain about the meat or their service.

crowd cow package

This is the package I ordered the first time! After cooking it I ordered it again!

More about my experience later!

Curious? You can find the Crowd Cow website here!

What is Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow started when a group of friends bought a cow and shared the meat. In 2015 it started as a company that sells meat, poultry, and seafood online and has grown a lot since that time.

What can you order at Crowd Cow

I will get into the nitty-gritty details later but a short overview of what you can order is:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Seafood

Crowd Cow Beef

crowd cow beef

The beef that the Crowd Cow offers can be roughly divided into 4 categories.

  • Grass-fed and finished beef
  • Pature raised beef
  • Pasture raised Wagyu
  • Japanes Wagyu

Grass fed and Pasture raised beef

I am being a little bit of a health freak and prefer grass-fed beef. However, the pasture-raised beef comes from cows that most of their lives live on pastures and after that are fed home-grown grains

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is a very exceptional quality that origins from Wagyu cows from Japan. The marbeling is beautiful and the taste is wonderful according to the people who ate it.

Crowd Cow Heritage Pork

crowd cow pork

Crow Cows’ heritage pork comes from the selected breeds of pork as Berkshire, Tamsworth, and Duroc.

The selection ranges from:

  • Bacon
  • Pork chops
  • Spare ribs
  • Pork butt
  • Ground pork
  • Sausages

And this is just a shortlist. There is a lot more in the Pork category.

Crowd Cow Poultry

There are many cuts of Crowd Cow chicken, turkey, and duck that you can choose from in the Crowd Cow Poultry section. A few cuts are:

  • Whole chicken
  • Whole Turkey
  • Chicken thighs
  • Turkey drum stick
  • Drum stick
  • Ground chicken
  • Ground Turkey

Crowd Cow Seafood

crowd cow seafood

Although the word Cow in Crowd Cow makes you think they only sell beef they also have a nice choice in their seafood category.

You can choose from several types of seafood. From Salomon and Cod to Shrimp and Trout just to name a few.

More Meat From Crowd Cow

Besides the choices you have that I mentioned above, there are more types of meat you can order from Crowd Cow.

  • Bison
  • American Lamb
  • Game meat

You can find the Crowd Cow website here!

Crowd Cow – My Personal Experience

As I mentioned above, I have ordered meat from Crow Cow and am very happy with what I received and the delivery experience.

I ordered a boneless leg of lamb and ground Bison. I liked it soo much that I ordered it twice and am ready to place another order this week.

I cooked the Leg of Lamb on the smoker and the whole family loved it. The Bison burger I tried in hamburgers and in meatloaf and I love the flavor the bison meat had in both dishes.

What I like is that the Crowd Cow meat comes straight from the source and that you can even pick the farm you like to receive it from.

I cooked the leg of lamb on the smoker. This was the first time I did that and I think I will never cook it any other way. We just loved how tender and tasteful it was.

The Bison hamburger taste, in my opinion, even better than the grass-fed beef I tried. There is soo much more flavor in it.

How Crowd Cow Works

Ordering from Crowd Cow is very easy and only takes a few steps.

  • Login to the website
  • Pick the meat you like to order
  • Place your order

After ordering you will get updates by email about the delivery date.

You can also subscribe to a monthly service if you do not like to order manually.

What is new at Crowd Cow

Recently Crowd Cow also started to offer complete meals and desserts

For now, the selection in the meals is limited to smaller but very tasteful meals like roasted chicken, chimichurri beef, wild-caught shrimp, and several more.