Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

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Ceramic cookware can help you cook some healthy meat without the use of any chemical coated cooking surface. I had some question about the pros and cons and the answers I found might help you also.

Ceramic cookware has pros and cons like any other type of cookware. But choosing the right ceramic cookware can have a huge impact on your health. Find all the pros and cons I found here.

I have been writing about cookware in several articles here, but I am getting more and more convinced that ceramic cookware is what we are going to replace most of our cookware with.

But, like anything else it is not all pros. There are also certain cons about ceramic cookware

Although I believe that the pros outweigh the cons, it is time to find out all the ceramic cookware pros and cons . I did a lot of reading to help me and maybe you make the right decision.

In a hurry? You can find my choice of ceramic cookware here!

Pros of ceramic cookware

I will try to discuss all the pros and cons and how to pick the right ceramic cookware.

Nonstick coating. Most ceramic cookware is not made totally of ceramic. Most of the time they have a coating to make them non-stick.

Non Toxic. This coating is nonstick that also means that the better brands make sure there are no toxins in their coating.

Easy cleaning. The non-stick coating allows it to be very easy to clean and in most cases a mild soap is all there is required.

Scratch free. The more durable brands like Xtrema is so scratch resistant that it can even be handled with metal utensils.

Cons of ceramic cookware

Inefficient heat. Although the surface most of the time looks very smooth if you look under a microscope you will see that this is not the case.

The coating is not smooth because of the particle in the material that is used. This makes it a little rough and not touch the meat everywhere.

Durability. Compared to other types of cookware the ceramic is not as durable. The lifespan is shorter because it chips faster and is more sensitive to bumping and falling.

Utensils. You cannot use any type of utensil in a ceramic pot or pan. Metal cannot be used at all because of the scratching. This will limit the type of utensils to wood, plastic or softer materials.

Slow heat up. Ceramic cookware takes longer to reach the right temperature and this can be annoying.

Let’s dig a little deeper in all the pros and cons

The coating is nonstick but that does not mean that it is not toxic. Reason to have a good look at the brand you are thinking about buying to see what their coating is made off, and if your brand ceramic cookware safe. The wrong coating can leach Most in your food.

The heat retaining and distribution is another thing I read about and have to form me an opinion about.

Some brands cannot be used for high heat and only for lower temperatures. If you are looking for a skillet that you use for frying there is a brand available that I tell you about later.

One of the most mentioned cons is the fact that it can break easily and with, most of the time, higher price tag compared to other types of cookware this can be a deciding point in the buying process.

Although ceramic cookware is all natural and safe to use if you buy the better brands you will find yourself needing to get used to it.

This small learning curve is in my opinion not a big problem if you know that cooking on ceramic is healthier.

My choice of ceramic cookware

After reading and more reading and looking at forums and some of the consumer websites I have decided to go for the Xtrema brand.

Like always I do not like to take any over hasted decisions and you can read my review of the Xtrema cookware here.

If you have any experience with ceramic cookware you like to share feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Xtrema Ceramcor Ceramic cookware review

My choice does not mean that it is the best ceramic brand for your situation. I like to cook on high temperatures and found that Xtrema is very well suited for that. My first purchase was an Xtrema ceramic skillet since I use that the most.


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