Best Headphones For Binaural Beats

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best headphones for binaural beatsThe best Headphones for binaural beats are the ones you use.
Binaural beat headphones can be used for several purposes. From relaxing and meditating to staying focused and studying. It depends on what type of beats and frequencies you use them to decide what are the best stereo headphones for the binaural beats you use.

We have looked at a variety of options for the best headphones and earbuds to use for binaural beats and compared different price ranges and quality ratings given by real users.

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Do you need headphones for listening to binaural beats

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We can answer the question do I need headphones for binaural beats with a simple Yes.

To fully take advantage of listening to and undergoing the benefits of binaural beats you need to have headphones or earbuds.

The simple reason is that binaural beats do not work without headphones. The two tones that makes your brain produce the third tone have to be come from you left and right ear. If not the brain does not make the third tone.

You can read the whole explanation in our post about binaural beats in this post.

If you use your stereo binaural headphones for helping you fall asleep or for lucid dreaming means that you wear them while you are sleeping and they must not bother you.

Binaural beat headphones for other things like studying or staying focused while reading means you can use the same of course, but if this is the only use for your headphones you can get away with a simpler and cheaper version.

I suggest to purchase headphone that block out all other surrounding noises to use the binaural beats in the most effective way. The are the so called closed headphones


Best headphones for binaural beats recommendations

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We are still reviewing many headphones for binaural beats and isochronic tones. Like we mentioned it is our opinion that the headphones with noise canceling are the best to use for this purpose.

Reason is that they will block out all noise and your beats will not disturb people around you either.

Here are a few of the closed headphones with noise canceling we have found.

Top of the line binaural beat headphones – But expensive

Bose Quitcomfort 25

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Bose headphones for binaural beatsAvailable for Apple, Samsung and Android devices.
Available in Triple black, black and silver.

With over 3000 customer reviews and an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this can be considered a high-quality headphone.
Not just for binaural beats, but also great for use in an airplane or car while traveling. Price range $200-$300.

Here are some things we found in the customer reviews

  • The QC25 is the best noise canceling headphone to date. I use them daily for 3+ year now.
  • Great sound and it does block out ambient noise! Glad I bought it.
  • Outstanding sound deadening. Use it while vacuuming, mowing, weed-eating, flying.

One thing we found a few times is that one of the ear cups went out after a few months.
==>>Check the price? – Click here!

More affordable headphones and still great

We also looked at what you cold call cheap headphones for binaural beats.

Solitude XCS2 Dual Driver 4 speaker active noise canceling headphone

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Soitude XCS@ headphones for binaural beats61 reviews and an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Just 0.1 star less then the Bose.
83% of the raters gave it a 4 or 5 star rating.
Very impressive for a headphone we found for under $100.
A very good feature is that with the power turned of you can still use them for music. The noise canceling feature can only be used with the power on. The Bose need the power turned on at all times.

Here are some things we found in the customer reviews.

    • When you consider the price compared to the competition, I don’t know why anyone would by anything else.
    • No complaints about the noise canceling feature.
    • These headphones are a great value for anyone looking not to spend a lot of money on Bose.
    • Acceptable airplane noise cancelling but slightly less effective than Bose headphones that cost over $200 more.

    ==>>Check the price? – Click here!

      Sennheiser HD 201 over the ear lightweight headphone

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      Sennheiser HD 201 Lightweight Over Ear Headphones for binaural beats Senheiser is a very well know name in the business of headphones and known for quality. This HD 201 over the ear headphone is very lightweight and takes makes it very easy to use for the purpose of binaural beats or even isochronic tones.

      The cord length is almost 10 feet and this is, in my opinion, a big plus. Most of them are shorter.

      I found more than 3000 people who wrote about their opinion and experience with the Sennheiser HD 201 and they gave it an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars and that is very impressive for a headphone in this price range.

      It comes with the jack that connects to all laptops, computers and even phones. There is an adapter in the package for the traditional stereo systems.
      Many people mentioned that they wear them all day with no problem because of the light weight.

      ==>>See the lowprice? – Click here!

      More choices for quality headphones

      Have a look at to choose your noise canceling headphones for binaural beats. There are several top brands that have high priced and affordable quality headphones. We made a selection of them on that page.


      Can you use earbuds for binaural beats

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      best earbud for binaural beatsThe question do binaural beats work with earbuds is asked a lot and we will try to answer it here.

      Many people do believe that earbuds are not good for using with binaural beats, but I do not see why.
      Most of the little better quality earbuds range in frequency between 20 and 24000 Hz and this is good for the use in binaural beats.

      The only problem is that there are no binaural earbuds and most of the time the regular buds do not fit the ear to well. They have a standard size and if your ear is little different they might not fit too well in your ear.

      I know that the price tag sometimes is pretty high, but most of the time you get what you pay for in my opinion. I found, for example, 155 customer reviews with an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars for the Shure earbuds.

      Some people mentioned these were the best in-ear headphones for binaural beats. Scroll down to read our earbuds for binaural beats recommendations.




      Best binaural beats earbud recommendations

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      A quick remark here. I read that people are looking for iPhone headphones for binaural beats. Any headphone will fit an iPhone but earbuds are probably easier to use.

      Shure SE425-V Sound Isolating Earphones

      Shure SE425-V Sound Isolating Earbuds for binaural beats These earbuds are the top of the line with their Sound Isolating and Dual High Definition MicroDrivers from Shure.

      Like we mentioned the problem with earbuds is that they do not completely block out the surrounding noise. This Shure SE425-V do that just as well as any high quality closed headphone according to the reviews. We fond over 160 reviews with an average of 4.2 stars. The Dual high definition micro drivers will ensure a crystal clear sound.

      These earbuds are very high priced, but the customer ratings are showing that they are worth the money
      Find the price for the Shure SE425-V here.




      Shure SE215-K sound isolating earbuds

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      Shure SE215-K-E Sound Isolating Earphones for binaural beatsA lot cheaper but also with a high rating is the Shure SE215-K With a price around a 100 dollar this is a earbud that also comes with the sound isolating feature but it has the single dynamic micro driver instead of the dual high definition in the Shure SE435.

      With over 2100 reviews and a 4.1-star rating this is a great buy and in our opinion, a good price-quality balanced earbud for binaural beats, isochronic tones and also for normal use on your phone or any other device.
      Read all the Shure SE215-K reviewshere.





      Plantronics headphones ear buds for binaural beats

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      best to use for binaural beats I have done a lot of research on the best headphones for binaural beats, what I found is that the brand Plantronics gets a lot of good reviews.

      These are actually ear bud headphones but, this particular brand I found people talk about a lot on several sites. Have a look at them at Amazon that is where I found the best prices myself.
      Plantronics headphones for binaural beats.






      More affordable earbuds for binaural beats

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      For a pair of affordable earbuds that you can also use for sports or any other activity we have made a selection on Amazon for you to choose from. All are 4 star ratings or higher.
      Have a look at the Earbuds we found for binaural beats price by clicking on the link.

      What to look for in headphones for binaural beats

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      Keep it simple
      A stereo headphone you use for binaural beats have other needs than the one you use to listen to music.
      There are headphones that enhance the music with for instance boosting the bass or manipulate the sound to make it more “crispy”.

      Binaural beats are there to let us listen to the special frequencies with as less interference as possible.
      What I mean is that you should avoid headphones that are made to manipulate the sound to much, but focus on the ones that just offer a real sound like meant to be.

      Comfortable to wear
      When using binaural beats you would like to focus or relax depending on the type of beats, and not be distracted by a pair of headphones that are not comfortable to wear.

      Imagine that you would like to meditate with the binaural beats and your headphone irritates you all the time. This would stop you from getting a good deep meditation.
      The same goes for studying or trying to focus and the headphones are not comfortable.
      I know that this comfort comes with an extra price tag, but I know by experience that it is worth the extra money.

      Headphone brands to choose from
      There are many brands besides the Plantronics we mentioned before that have some nice and quality headphones that you can use.
      For the highest quality, I recommend some good studio headphones from brands like Bose, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and AKG.
      Studio headphones are designed to block out any surrounding noises and to wear over a longer period of time without bothering the user.

      Open or closed headphones
      There are two basic types of headphones. The open and the closed ones. The closed headphones are recommended because they will eliminate noise to leak out and leaking in also of course.
      The open headphones used to be of better quality, but over the years the closed ones have been improved and they are now just as good as the open type headphone.

      TIP! Most professionals like Dj’s and studio musician prefer the closed headphones so they can concentrate better without the distraction of the surroundings.

      If you would like to use binaural beat headphones at the office the closed headphones are almost a must of course. You do not want to bother your co-workers and you do not want to be bothered by them or office noises.

      Headphone frequencies

      The human ear can hear sounds between 20 Hz to as high as 20 kHz and as long as your headphones stay in this range you should be okay to use them for the purpose of binaural beats.

      Worries about headphones and EMF

      There are more publications that are writing about the EMF (electric magnetic fields) that write about headphones and earbuds.
      The electronica has waves of radiation and although there are more concerns about cell-phones we also read about headphones.

      The recommendation is to use Air-Buds and no that is not a typo. Air buds have the speakers away from your ears and transmit the music or in our case binaural beats to a kind of flexible tube to our ears.
      I have been able to find and review them but will add them here as soon as I can.

      It is impossible and not affordable for us to test all binaural headphones and earbuds that can be used for binaural beats and isochronic tones. If you have a pair of recommended headphones or in ear earbuds that you think are the best for binaural beats, isochronic tones or brainwave entrainment in general, leave a comment and help our readers with your recommendation.


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      1. comparatif matelas en latex

        Thanks for finally talking about >Best Headphones For
        Binaural Beats – Ring The Bells Of Peace <Loved it!

      2. I would highly recommend the “ATH-M40X” by Audio-Technica. They’re great headphones to purchase under $100 as they have a “neutral sound” (do not enhance low or high frequencies) thus they do not alter the binarual beats’ frequencies and allow you to listen to the beats just as they were meant to sound. I wouldn’t recommend the use of the “ATH-M50X” model that has a higher price than the M40X solely based upon the fact that the M50X alters the sound by enhancing the bass and thus provides a less natural sound that would alter the binaural beats and possibly reduce their effects. Also some users report that the M50X tends to enhance high frequencies to a degree that makes them annoying and uncomfortable to listen to. The ATH-M40X seems to be the model to go for.

        1. I have been looking around and I think Bluetooth is your best option. The highest rated and still affordable are the Senso headphones who are on sale now at amazon.
          You can have a look at them here. Let me know if they worked.

        1. There are many more good headphones and earbuds available. I have not looked at the brands you mention, but they are probably good brands.
          In this article I just found the ones that came with high customer ratings at the time of writing.
          I will try to find the time to update it and research your tips.
          Thanks for helping out.


      3. Iam 50% deaf in both ears ; due to singing and playing music in a garage setting .
        I cannot afford hearing aids to correct this issue , so I do as my budget allows me .
        I love listening to audios , subliminal , and binaruls, with quality at a affordable budget . Thank you in advance

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