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This whole Covid thing has messed our lives in many ways. From work to our social lives. From vacations to weekend trips. From what we eat and what we buy.

Just looking at my own life I know that I spent more time at home than I ever did. I have always been kind of a home person but now I even more than ever because we have to.

Buying online.

I also realized that I started to buy more and more online. Online means not just Amazon but also several other reputable online stores.

What I do is do a lot of research and reading reviews on as many sites as I can find. I found, however, one site that does a lot of garden product reviews and that I used that more than any other site since I have started my own garden.

This is just a site that I like to share but there are many more.

How I do research

Doing my research I start with typing in what I am looking for in Google and add the word review or reviews.

Now I have a good look at the websites that show up on page one and see what the title says and if it includes the product I am looking for.

You’ll be surprised what you find sometimes.

Now I read at least 4 or 5 reviews and see if they are similar. I am always careful when I only find positive words and nothing negative. I believe no product is so perfect that there is nothing to mention about that.

Manufacturer website

I am always a little careful when I visit the manufacturers’ websites and look for reviews. I think sometimes the comments from buyers that are not positive get filtered out and not published.


We all know and use Amazon probably. This is a great place to find real customer reviews and maybe order your product there.

However, I like to dig deeper and found that Amazon is not always the cheapest. There are more sites like Amazon and even the manufacturer is sometimes cheaper and can come with discount coupons.

More things to keep in mind

Although it can be very helpful to do a lot of research and find out everything about the product there are a few more things to keep in mind.

Shipping and handling

It is nice to find a product at a lower price but if you have to pay double for shipping it might be cheaper, in the long run, to order somewhere else with a lower shipping rate.

Return policy

Not every item will fit or is what you expected. That is a good reason to have a look at the return policy. If there are many stipulations and they make it hard to return the goods you ordered I would consider again having a look somewhere else.


Although my life has not been turned upside down as many other people the Covid had and still has an effect on my life.

Many of my daily routines have changed and some in a positive way,

If it has changed your life and you found a solution for this feel free to let me know in the comments below and maybe it will help someone else.


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