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air fryer cookbook and reviews
An air fryer cookbook is in my opinion a must have if you use an air fryer.
Many people still have not heard of the benefits of an air fryer and found out that they are a healthy alternative for your old deep fryer that is filled with unhealthy oil in most situation. We did several air fryer reviews to help you find one.

Air Fryer Cookbook Reviews

You can find air fryer recipes for free online but you have to read them and probably write them down. Most people like to have one at home and look at it while cooking. This makes it easier to follow the steps without looking at your phone or tablet all the time.

Although there are many books available and the best air fryer cookbook is something different for each and one of us, we tried to find the ones that have the highest ratings. Here are our top 5 air fryer cookbooks.

Air fryer cookbook 550 recipes for every day

air fryer cookbook 550 recipes for every dayLike the title mentions this book contains 550 recipes for every day use of you air fryer. The author Michelle Sanders is a well know author and wrote several cook books.

This book is filled with recipes for:Breakfast, Appetizers lunch, Dinner, Side Dishes, Fish, Seafood, Beef, Pork and Lamb. There are also recipes for vegetables and dessert. It also contains over 150 Vegan recipes.

Some of the few cons I read was that there is not a lot of nutritional information with the recipes and that they are in a random order. Meaning that finding a recipes are not easy to find. There are no pictures in the book and some people did not like that.

On average this book gets a 4.3 star rating out of 5 to give. This is a pretty nice rating that came from over 540 buyers and users of this cookbook.

price for this air fryer cookbook

Air Fryer Cookbook Eric Theiss

air fryer cookbook Eric TheissEric Theiss wrote two other cookbooks, but this air fryer one is his best seller.
It has not as many recipes as the in the 550 we talked about above, but with 119 recipes it still filled pretty good.
Although his recipes are written specifically for the Power air-fryer XL they also can be use in any other brand or type.

With an average of 4.3 stars this one is rated pretty high. The only cons we could find that it contains a lot of what people called “fancy ” recipes and they were expecting more daily recipes or for snacks.

The price was also mentioned as a little high and although I can not judge that it is higher than the other cookbooks we reviewed here.

price for this air fryere cookbook

Air Fryer Cookbook – In The Kitchen
Alison Waggoner has published several good selling cookbooks and most of them are available in several formats and editions.

This in the kitchen air fryer book is available in Kindle and Hardcover edition and both at an affordable price in my opinion.

The book covers over 100 recipes and will work with any model air fryer. The recipes are simple and easy and cover a lot of area. Ranging from breakfast to nice desserts it covers Buffalo wings to French fries and everything in between.

I personally like the frequently asked question section that covers a lot of things that people ask about air frying in general.

price for this air fryere cookbook

Paula Deen’s Air Fryer Cookbook

paula deen's air fryer cookbookPaula Deen does not need a lot of introduction I think. Well known from cook shows on TV and famous for her Southern cooking recipes.

She wrote 15 cookbooks and her air fryer cookbook got some nice reviews and an average of 4.2 stars from over 200 people who bought the book.
It is only available in hard cover and not in a Kindle version.

This cookbook will work with any air fryer and not just with a certain brand of type.
Cons I read are that it has a lot of recipes that are loaded with fat and sugars, like in southern recipes and not a lot of “healthy” type ideas.
The lack of nutritional facts was also mentioned but this seems to be something I read in many other cookbooks also.

Overall I read that the recipes are easy to follow and taste good. In my opinion a good air fryer cookbook if you like to escape the whole eat healthy lifestyle for ones and a while.

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The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Linda Larsen complete air fryer cookbookLinda Larsen is the author of this book and she wrote many more cookbooks from slow cookers to paleo diet cookbooks.

This book contains over 100 recipes and it one of the only ones with detailed nutritional information in the recipes.
Besides the recipes it also comes with a handy chart with times and temperatures that you can use and a nicely written advice on how to choose the best air fryer for you.

With a 4.1 star rating it seems that it is lower rated but it has less lower ratings than the other cook books on this page.
Available in Kindle and paperback this book can be used in many ways.

Cons that were mentioned are the lack of pictures of the completed food and that the recipes were not simple enough.

price for this air fryere cookbook

My take on air fryer cookbooks

Like any other cookbook out there it is impossible to write a cookbook that fits everyone.
Some people like simple recipes and are disappointed when they find what they could call gourmet recipes and other are just looking for them more complicated recipes.

it is important to realize what you will use your air fryer for. If you just use it to cook some fries and chicken tenders for your kids, but like it to be healthier and less fat, you can find recipes online for that.

If you however like to cook and are looking for a different way to cook with less oil one of the air fryer cookbooks we reviewed here might be of a great help.
Read through some of the reviews and than decide if this is the one you need.

You also still have to look what kind of oil is the best for an air fryer and I will write about that in an other post.

If you have found some other sources or books let me know in the comments below.

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