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about us

On the website Ring The Bells of Peace I will mainly talk about health and staying healthy.

edward chiller

Let me fits introduce myself.
Eddie Vanholland is my name and here are a few things you might like to know about me.

I am are very interested in alternative ways of healing and things like home remedies for common things.

I understand that for a lot of things you have to go and see a physician and get some type of medication and I do not claim to know anything about medicine or the use of medicine.

I do however strongly believe in the fact that a positive attitude can have a very positive effect on the healing process and that the use of natural medicine can have the same effect as prescription drugs in some, or maybe many, situations.

I also believe that some home remedies work and can help you get better, without running to the doctor.

I might add some more of our thought here in the future. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

After reading some articles I have changed my mindset a little. I use to see myself as a content writer for a long time. Now I have shifted my mindset to seeing myself as a transformation writer.

I looked at myself as a person that wrote content and in that way tried to change your and my life. Now I am seeing myself as a transformation writer to help you and myself transform our lives in a positive way with my writing.

Eddie Vanholland