6 Easy Steps To Boost Your Immune System

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six easy steps to boost your immune systemWe all have heard and probably know it. We have to eat healthier and exercise and quit smoking and stop drinking.

Unfortunately that is easier said than done. If we would live in a perfect world it would be easy, but daily life gets in the way of our path to a healthier life style most of the time.
Does that mean that we just have to give up? Not in my idea.

Our immune system is the motor of our ability to heal and to prevent is to become sick.
By changing a few thing step by step we can make our boost our immune system.

Get enough sleep – 6 till 8 hours

It is so easy to stay up and watch your favorite show on TV, but getting not enough rest is one of causes that lead to sickness. We need to give our body enough time to recover from our daily routine.

By depriving us from that good night sleep, we putt a lot more stress on our system than necessary.
The ideal night sleep is between 7 and hours and there is an old saying that the hours before midnight count double and this is scientifically proven.

Exercise regular

This is also one we always hear and is not easy to do.
Who has the time to go to a gym and exercise? Not me! There are however ways to implement it in your daily life that are very easy.

We all know that taking the steps instead of the elevator is one of them. But if you have to go 6 floors up you probably will not do that. But if you take one floor and than get on the elevator it is already a great improvement.

An other one is to park you car a little further away from the entrance doors. Maybe you can do that at work or at the grocery store and even for the best effect, everywhere you go.

Think of ways you can improve your activity without feeling that you are exercising.

Eat healthier and maybe less

This is also one of them “easier said then done” phrases.
There are however ways to do this and they are pretty easy.

If you tend to go out for dinner a lot than replace one dinner a week with a home cooked meal. This does not take much longer if you plane it ahead.
Home cooked meals can contain some vegetable you like and that are healthy and can get rid of parasites. It can contain some fruit or a salad. It can also be more quality time with your family.

Probiotics is a new word and if you think it is hard to find you are wrong. Yogurt is one of the most know probiotics and easy to eat every day.

Get Sunlight – Vitamin D

Sunlight is one of the most healthiest things we can get and it is absolutely free.
The sun gives us a lot of vitamins that are absorbed through our skin. We just have to make sure we do not overdo it.
Do not use any sun-blockers since this will prevent the sun from doing his job.

Be skeptical about health products

This one is just as important as any other tip I gave you.
There are to many products that claim all kind of health benefits. Some claim that one pill or drink a day is enough to keep you healthy. I believe in health benefits of supplements but most of them I use are natural and not in the form of a pill.

Smoking and drinking – Quit!

The opinion about smoking is pretty clear and you should stop as fast as you can. With or without help of your doctor or any other method.
Drinking is in my opinion something else. You read that a glass of wine is good for your hearth and overall health. I even read that one beer a day has great benefits.
It is however proven that too much is not healthy. Used in moderation I think it does not harm and can help you relax before going to bed.

More tips for a healthy immune system

I can make this post as long as I want if I keep adding more ways to boost your immune system and by doing that boosting your health. These 6 easy steps will help you to boost your immune system for a better health without going all crazy.

You can read more informational articles here on Ring The Bells Of Peace and find more easy steps for a healthier lifestyle. One other step I suggest it to have a look at the Dr. Tobias Colon cleanse I wrote about.



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