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3 things you need to stay alive

There are just a few thing we really need to stay alive and these few things can have a huge impact on our health. Here we write about the 3 most important once and the one I think should be added to this list and is equally important.

  • 1 Air
  • 2 Water
  • 3 Food

The facts of these 3
I did research and I found out these numbers. They are averages and there are many exceptions to these rules.

  • You can be without air for about 3 minutes
  • You can be without water for about 3 days
  • You can be without food for about 3 weeks

Our body is very complicated, but these are the 3 basic things we need to stay alive and healthy.
If one of them is not in balance by itself it will have an impact on the other two.


we need air to live

We need the air to use the oxygen in it. Without oxygen we will not live very long.

Air is the next problem we face in our daily life. We inhale all kind of polluted air every day.
Exhaust gasses from cars, factory polluted air, even the paint around us could still contain led.
There are options to improve the air quality in our house or office with easy steps.
You can use air purifying plants to your house or office. You could also use the best air conditioner filters available on the market. Portable air purifiers or even a humidifier can improve the air quality in our house.


water faucet
Water to stay alive

Water is very essential and is not just to keep us hydrated by drinking it, but also in our food to assist the vitamins and minerals to travel to our body and make our bowl movement travel easier to our intestines.

We all know that our water is not too clean anymore. Water companies try to clean it as well as they can, but also add chemicals like Chlorine to it.
A water purifying system will help remove a lot of the chemicals in the water.
There are water purifiers for pitchers or on the faucet and even whole house installations.
I am afraid that in the future we all need a system like that in our houses.


food on a market

We need to eat to get the necessary nutrition and fibers to keep our system going.

There is no doubt in our mind that food is the biggest factor for a healthy life. But there are problems with it.
We have to go back to our roots and eat more natural foods. With all the GMO’s around us and processed food we moved far away from what our system is built for. If we all buy more organic and non GMO foods they will get cheaper and more available for us.

I would like to add a fourth point to the list that most people do not mention.

Bowl movement

We need to get rid of all the things left after eating and drinking.

I never understand why people do not like to talk or write about this so important part of our overall health. It is pretty simple that if you do not get rid of your waste in a good way it will have an effect on your health.
There are so many ways to improve your bowl movement without taking any over the counter medicine.

A healthy bowl movement is very important for our health. It will remove all the toxins from our body. With a bad working bowl the toxins might stay in our system and poison us slowly.

If you have problems with your bowl movement it might be time to have a look at a colon cleane. I recommend dr Tobias colon cleanse for that.

One of the most effective ones, assuming you eat a little healthy diet, is walking.
Walking stimulates the intestines to do their job and stimulates all other organs.
This means that after a meal it is good to take a walk and you daily time schedule determines how long it will be of course. But a 5 minute walk is better than nothing at all.

If this is all we need to keep ourselves healthy why are there so many sick people?

My personal opinion on this is that we have moved too far away from nature and use to many chemicals and other products our body is having a hard time getting rid of. Too much processed food in combination with sugar loaded soft drinks. Totaled with hardly any physical activity. This is slowly killing us.

I read the other day that there are doctors who think that this generation, for the first time in many decades, will live a shorter life than their parents. A scary thought don’t you think?

What can we do to improve these 4 points?
There is no “we”, there is only you in this game. The only thing “we” can do is make it clear to all the manufacturers in the world to start using more natural materials and use more natural energy sources to keep this world spinning for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

The “you” in this process I cannot force to change anything. Maybe a little motivation by telling you what I do and my story. Thinking back about the 3, or actually 4 things we need to live, we have to look at them to improve our health with taking little steps at a time.

This website ring the bells of peace is probably going to have a personal journal of my attempts to make healthier choices and see how this will impact my life. My knowledge about food science is limited and I have no medical background. This means that everything I write is my personal view and based on my own experience and research I have done.



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