20 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

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Mostly, people claim they don’t have time to follow a healthy diet. It is one of the main problems we face on a daily basis. Not enough time.

There are solutions. Here you can check out 20 easy ways to eat healthy I think that are easy to fit in any schedule.

1)Plan your day

When you’re going out all day, it’s always good to plan. So, you can take a lunchbox with healthy options.

2) Always have some snack in your bag

Your days may run out of routine. So, always have some nuts, dried fruits or cereal bars in your bag.

3) Always invest in natural foods and avoid processed foods

Protein bars and whole-grain cookies are a good choice. A piece of fruit is always good. Nothing better than unprocessed foods! It will also help you with detoxification.

4) Play in the kitchen!

Testing healthy and easy recipes is a great way to learn more about food and to ensure healthy eating!

5) Always read the labels

If the ingredient list is too long and has many unknown names, it is certainly not healthy. See if you can easily recognize all items.

The same is important for reading the labels on the meat you purchase.

6) Be persistent!

Try a salad, some vegetables or fruits with different seasonings every time to enjoy healthy eating.

7) When in doubt? Go fruit.

There are always days when we don’t know what to eat. Choose a fruit that has no mistake!

8) Reduce sugar consumption

That sugar is not healthy, everyone knows. Consume it when it’s something you really enjoy, it’s worth it! You can read tips on how to reduce sugar intake here.

9) Start meals with a good salad plate

Besides being nutritious, salad is a great way to fool hunger a bit. Be creative and put seeds, grains, olive oil, etc.

10) Eat until you are satisfied

Don’t eat until you get the feeling that you have gone too far. Eating more than you need is unhealthy and bad for your gut.

11) Add fiber and seeds to your meals!

Add seeds like flax, chia, sunflower and pumpkin to your meals. They will add many nutrients to your meals.

12) Take meals calmly

Eating calmly is very important. When we eat in a hurry, we don’t chew enough, feel stuffed, and hinder our digestion.

13) Avoid liquid during meals

This is something everyone hears about but never quite knows why. If you feel like it, drink a little water.

14) Avoid refined flours

Both at home and in the industrialized, refined wheat flour is unhealthy. So try other substitutes! Try whole wheat flour or oatmeal flour.

15) Substitute ingredients in traditional recipes

It is very easy to make healthy dishes at home. Choose several replacements to make the dishes lighter! Do research on the ingredients.

16) Don’t count calories but nutrients

Far more than calories, know the ingredients. Eating 2,000 calories from healthy meals is better than consuming 1,000 calories of fast food.

17) Evaluate your hunger before eating

Every time you eat, ask yourself: Am I really hungry? Always evaluate whether we are eating out of necessity or on impulse!

18) Include teas in your daily life

Teas are great allies for our health. Always prefer those made from flowers and plants over sachets!

19) Always carry a small bottle of water around

In the rush of everyday life, we often forget to drink water! So, take a bottle to remember to hydrate all day!

20) Invest in a nutritionist

Do you have a specific goal such as weight loss or muscle mass gain? Invest in a professional nutritionist!


Most of us know these tips but having trouble incorporating them into our daily lives.

Using all of these 20 tips to eat healthy at once is not easy.

Even if you only apply 2 or 3 of them you are already taking steps to a healthier life in general.

Let me know what your steps are to a healthier lifestyle in the comments below.


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