“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Let Medicine Be Thy Food”

– Hippocrates-

Living a healthy life is sometimes not easy, but can be achieved with the right attitude and some useful information.

On Ring The Bells Of Peace, I will help you find the right information to change your life from a life full of processed food to healthier choices.

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What I do on Ring The Bells Of Peace is write informative articles about natural health-related subjects, but the angle is to look at alternative options.

Follow me on my journey to a healthier life and read about the steps I took.

The reason for me to write about alternative health is due to the fact that many times you read that the side effects of medicine cause more harm than the benefits do us good.

It is my belief that the nature God created for us provides us with all the things we need.
From meat to fruit and vegetables, they all contain vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis.

We just stopped using them as they were meant to be. Not altered with antibiotics, GMO,s and other harmful, unnecessary, and unhealthy substances.

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Some of them are informative and some of them advise on certain health products.

Never will I advise on health products that I would not use myself.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is what Hippocrates wrote and he is considered the founder of modern medicine.

If this was his starting point why are we so far away from it now?

The fact is that most doctors, when they get their education, do not receive any lectures on nutrition although that is where it all starts.

I do not give any medical advice or claim that the products and healing methods will make you better.

Always consult your doctor before trying something new.

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