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Tylson Earthing products

Tylson earthing pillow case

In my earthing and grounding research I stumbled upon a small company called Tylson earthing. My initial thought was that this was just an other company that jumped on the band wagon and was trying to sell earthing products.  …

Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Reviews

taste of the wild dog food reviews

Reason I am doing these taste of the wild dog food reviews is that many people look for healthier food choices but do include their pets in this. The search for natural pet products to improve the health of pets…

Earthing Sheet Review

Earthing Sheet Reviews

I have been doing earthing for a while now and feel some great benefits and improvements. I have always been a little hyper, especially after my morning coffee that I maybe overdo but I love it. I spend many hours…

Best Meditation Cushion

best meditation cushion

Finding the best meditation cushion is not easy. There are many options in the filling or stuffing of meditation cushion like Cotton, Buckwheat or Hemp. There are also many meditation cushion recommendations for height and diameter and other shapes. We…

Meditation Bench Reviews

Meditation Bench Reviews

The use of a yoga meditation bench can make your meditation easier. If you have bad knees, or are tall it will provide you with a lot of benefits. Even the simple use of a meditation bench with a cushion…