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What Is Your Bed Time?

Best time to go to bed

Getting enough sleep is one of the best health boosts you can give yourself. Do you wake up tired or can’t get started in the morning? You probably suffer from sleep deprivation. 21% of the Americans get less than 5…

Is Coffee Medicine Or Beverage?

is coffe a beverage or a medicine

When you start reading about coffee and the benefits and if it is good for you it is clear that there are many opinions about that subject. There are however recent studies that shows that coffee contains some essential nutrients.…

You Still Use Energy Drinks?

sugar loaded energy drinks

I have heard several times that people claim that energy drinks are just as good or bad as coffee. It is true that the caffeine in coffee has health benefits. Some of the benefits are: Increases your alertness. This is…

Meat Labels Are Confusing

Meat labeling made easy

When looking for the best meat to eat and reading the labels does not mean that it is easy to understand what things like grass fed, Organic or natural grain fed means and what the animals have been eating throughout…