Category: Alternative Health

Alternative health can be used next to or instead of your regular physician. We will talk about all alternative health resources we can find.

Earthing And Grounding Basics

basics of earhing and grounding

I have been reading and watching videos about earthing lately and am impressed with all the thing I read. I am still in the process of reviewing the whole earthing benefits but I have found a few fact all ready…

How To Get Started With Meditation

how to get started with meditation

When people think about meditation they often have visions of people sitting in an awkward potion with their hands open and their eyes closed. This might be why some people never try it. Meditation is not scary and you do…

Take Early Signs Of Back Pain Serious

take early signs of back pain serious

I have always had back problems as long as I can remember. My back pain was more noticeable after starting to work. During my school years I never experienced too many problems with my back. Maybe telling my story, can…